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About me

I am a contemporary visual artist based in Bristol, UK.

I work with a variety of mediums to create abstract landscapes on paper, canvas and board.

My current project involves creating monoprints on paper using acrylic paints.


I strive to create art which can inspire the viewers imagination, which can evoke memories and feelings, and open a path for connection and communication between our inner worlds and the world around us.


My art is a reflection of my love and curiosity for life. I have always been very interested in human psychology, how our social and cultural environments effect our lives and how we interact with the natural world. For me everything has a story, there is a cause and effect, there is always a reason, or something behind or under the surface. I am fascinated by looking deeper and ask questions of ‘why’. With my art I will always have an intention, whether it is to share a story, express a moment in time or allow the colours to exhilarate the viewer and ignite the imagination.


I was born in Norway, but I have travelled extensively and lived on 4 different continents before I settled in the UK in 1999. I take a lot of my inspiration from the places I’ve been, the natural world, the diverse cultures I have immersed myself in and the amazing people I have connected with along the way. I also take lots of inspiration from other artists and am fascinated by art history from the 1800’s till today.


When I was younger, whilst living in Norway, I was involved in amateur theatre for many years, I studied music at college, and moved to Denmark to study experimental dance theatre. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I had performed on stages in the eastern part of Norway, in Oslo, in Copenhagen, and toured and performed in Finland; but then life came in the way and I never managed to pursue my artistic interests professionally. I was send down a different path which made me put my artistic self on the shelf for a while.


The first lockdown, from March 2020, gave me the opportunity to revisit my artistic roots, this time through drawing and painting, and exploring different mediums to create visual art. It was such an amazing rediscovery. I never realised how much I’ve missed expressing myself artistically! It was like I re-connected with the essence of who I am. 

As the world was falling apart around me with the pandemic, I felt that my life was coming together.


Doing art again, I finally feel truly at home in myself.

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